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I'm Michelle!

A journalism student at the University of Sheffield, Beauty Editor of Liberty Belle Magazine, and a freelance lifestyle blogger who likes to dabble into poetry every now and then. I hope to pursue broadcasting and magazine journalism so until then...enjoy some of my articles and blogs!!

I engage in contemporary topics that I hope you all enjoy and get you craving for more!​ Check out this page for all my magazines and news work!

It's a very hands-on course, so you're never bored!

Michelle is in her final year of her BA Journalism course. Her advice is to just enjoy it, and to make the most of unexpected opportunities. Why did you choose to study your course and what inspired you to go into journalism? Since Primary School, I've always enjoyed public speaking. In addition, I had a knack for reading and creative writing, and as I moved to high school, I realised I love research work and being in the know about anything that happens around the world. After realising my i

Winter to spring: How to give your makeup a pop of colour

We’re finally moving towards brighter days, lighter layers, vibrant colours and warmer makeup tones. Just as the seasons change, your makeup looks can also do with a makeover, and spring is the perfect time to play with colours and bust out a new sassy attitude to go with it. Here are some ways to wipe off that winter makeup and glide on some fun colours and lightweight products that will give you a fresh look! Drop the heavy products: Your base no longer needs ‘rich’ formulas to protect the s

Luxury makeup brands – are they worth the splurge?

Whether you’re a makeup junkie or someone who just needs minimal products to achieve a quick, fresh and bright look, the dilemma you face when browsing through those endless makeup lines is whether to go the expensive route or the drugstore dupes. It’s no secret that products and makeup lines are unnecessarily expanding. You have new formulae being created, more and more brands are being launched, and the technology of applicators is ever-changing to make your makeup routine a lot easier. The p

Switch your makeup from day to night: Tips and tricks

At the end of those exhausting work hours, everyone's encountered a time where we have to quickly spruce ourselves up and freshen our makeup to meet up with friends for an impromptu drink, or maybe even head off to a date. The challenge is updating your makeup from the simple-turned-greasy look into something bold and glamorous. Here's how you can switch from day to night: • None Touch up your base makeup: You don’t want to meet your friends with a greasy and smudgy face. Always have your comp

International students- here are some ways on how you can be Airport Ready!

It’s almost time to fly back home for a much-needed break. However, the past two years have been a complete hindrance to travel and has probably made us rusty in our planning. Here are some tips on how you can plan for a stress-free departure! Travel in 2021 has changed and you don’t want to arrive at the airport only to not have the countless number of documents required. Dedicate some time to surfing your airline website and be sure to make a note of the tests (usually a PCR test), and the d

Four year old cycling 100 miles for mental health charity

Chelsea Ellis, a four-year-old girl from Barnsley, aims to cycle 100 miles during March and April to raise awareness of mental health illness. With the initial aim to raising £150, the toddler has already raised the bar by collecting over £320, the proceeds of which will be donated to the mental health organisation Rethink Mental Illness. The four-year-old from Kendray, Barnsley has taken up this initiative, saying that she “wants to help people just like they helped my mummy”. Proud mum Keele

Building content, gaining confidence – #jusplacement

Trying to get a job in the middle of a global pandemic, when businesses are shutting down and employees are being laid off, tends to demotivate you from scrolling through LinkedIn to find work that is suitable for you. You’re anxious to pull up your CV from somewhere on your laptop, and you are struggling to find the words to fill in those blank spaces on your resumé. After months of trying to find jobs that suited my interests, I secured a three-month internship for the then start-up brand Tod

Is it fair? Sheffield students differ on return to in person university teaching

The government announced that students studying in universities across England would not be permitted to return to their campus earlier than May 17. This rule has generated a conflict in opinions between local and international students who are concerned over the mandatory quarantine rules imposed on those returning towards the end of the semester. Heather Nicholls, aged 19, said: “I feel like this rule has happened as a way to appease people who really wanted in-person teaching because now the

Filtered vs Unfiltered Romance

Overwhelmed with travelling and adjusting to new places and trying to settle disputes among family and friends, the lockdown begins to affect her health, and the result of the stress reflects on her once clear skin that is now struggling with a serious case of breakouts. Relying on photo filters for over four years, Ms. Jamshid says: “One of the reasons why I didn’t notice that my skin was going bad is because of filters (Snapchat and Instagram). They smoothen your skin, and I realised that I’d

Friends: The Reunion (REVIEW)

An hour and 44 minutes after watching Friends: The Reunion and I'm an emotional sobbing wreck. The cast (Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer) and every member (including creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane), that played a part on the hit sitcom show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., all reunite on the very same set they shot their opening scene, 17 years after their last episode, taking the viewers through a poignant trip down memory lane. From never

Facing stress-induced breakouts during exam season? Here are some tips to prevent them

Your final weeks of university can be extremely stressful. You’re ditching healthy eating for greasy comfort food, and you’re substituting your skincare routine to squeeze in extra revision. Soon your seeing stress-induced acne popping out. So here are some tips to keep your skin looking flawless while you ace your exams. 1- Masks and patches are your best friends: Having a face mask on while you get through some reading or lectures can help refresh, hydrate and prevent acne. Plus, it’s time f

Is Bridgerton still worth the hype without the Duke?

Bridgerton has been renewed for seasons 3 and 4, but will the absence of the Duke make a difference? Will you still be watching despite Regé-Jean Page's decision to leave? While we all love to hear what the next piece of scandalous tattles the goddess of gossip has to share, Lady Whistledown shocked the viewers of the extremely successful show Bridgerton when she very craftily, in her trademark digital letter, delivered the devastating news that the Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page) w

Students- here are some ways to support your partner at university

As university students there is a lot to keep up with, from coursework, to your day job, to procrastinating for hours by fantasizing about life after you graduate. It goes without saying that maintaining a balance between your work and social life is crucial, but one topic we often shy away from is how you can make your relationship work whilst at university. Being in a relationship is exciting, but it requires time, trust, and work to sustain. However, adding the fact that you (and/or your pa

Under Eye Patches and Masks: The trick to de-puff eye bags

You probably would have come across a beauty routine video of a celebrity filling in the viewers of their morning routine whilst sporting two stickers below their eyes. Produced by luxury brands like Chanel to drugstore labels like Garnier, under-eye patches have become a skincare staple for quite some time now. What are under-eye patches? Simply put, they are masks designed just for the hollows of your eyes to cool the puffiness and reduce the bags that help make yourself look like you’ve not

Your Libido affected during Lockdown??

It’s no surprise that the lockdown has caused adverse effects onto numerous aspects of our lives. Be it the lack of socializing, ‘mask-ne’, weight gain/ weight loss and a boat load of other things that would probably take until the end of the pandemic to list. But today, let’s take a drive down a more intimate road and see the effects that the pandemic has had on sex drive. For some arguably, the lockdown was looked at from a ‘half glass full’ perspective, with thoughts of using the time indoo

Doll Up or Dress Down... How to Look Zoom Ready for Your ‘Virtual Date’ this Valentine’s Day! ::

My advice for celebrating any occasion is 'Go Big or Go Home'. Now that you are home😝, the best option is to go all out. With being shut in and only dressing our top half (be honest... we've all done it😏) for work or class meetings, this could be your time to bust out that new tie, play around with your new eyeshadow palettes, or simply try on those clothes that never got to see the outdoors. • You don't have to be overly worn up for your night of having a virtual dinner: a stylish yet comfortab

Valentine’s Day Alternatives ::

Simple, cute, and a lot of 'cooking' effort combined is the perfect way to start your Valentine's day. No idea how to switch on the stove? You don't have to panic. Whip up some cereal, pour some OJ, or even some instant coffee. Make it look all fancy with cute cutlery, a bed table, and you can make it more adorable with a Valentine's day card! And keep in mind that this year, it's the thought that counts and not the food's edibility.😉 Valentine's day is more than just showering your better half
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